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Professional Video Games:

Click the images for more info on each game I’ve worked on.

Destiny 2

Destiny Taken King

Destiny Expansions


Gunheart VR


Star Trek DAC

Destroy All Humans


Game Jam Games

I made these games in a weekend or something. They’re weird, and they’re ugly, and probably pretty buggy, but I love them all the same.

Trick’r’Treater VR I made a game in one hour! Trick’R’Treater VR is a tiny VR game that I made during the One Hour Game Jam. The goal is to run away from the viking trick’r’treaters. You can throw candy at them to slow them down (press the Vive controller shoulder button)! Also that gun shoots candy. There’s a VR version, and a really bad non-VR version that isn’t any fun, but the One Hour Game Jammers could stream it without a headset.
Ava Ava is a VR game where you control an astral projection of yourself. When you move your arms or grab, she moves her arms and grabs. She can go places you can’t, so you need to use her to manipulate objects and return the spirit gem to it’s shrine at the top of the mountain. I was the engineering lead in our team of 8. I implemented many of the gameplay interactions, taught other engineers how to use blueprints, interfaced with the designers, and tasked other engineers. Ava was done at Seattle VR/AR Hackathon 6.
Fjord Vaulter I mean, you know, a VR side-scroller right? I figured I’d spend a week building a 2D game that you could only play in 3D. Whatever. It turned out pretty cool. You play as a viking (or her disembodied sidekick? I’m not really sure) who has the magical power to jump into the foreground and background. Side-scrolling platformers are usually a tiny window into a massive level, but when you’re playing in VR you can see the whole level extending out ahead and behind you; it’s a pretty cool effect. Not to mention the viking you play as is the same height as you are, so all those pits and lava pools are extra threatening. Made in Unreal, all the sweet viking art is from the POLYGON Vikings Pack by Synty Studios.

Green Dawn Ranks r/GreenDawn needed a new progression system to increase retention and give players incrementally increasing goals. I created a system of medals and ranks based on the Boy Scout merit badge system to fulfill this goal.
I Am Starship Some friends and I did a 3-day VR game jam in Unreal where you played as a spaceship colonizing small plantoids. Each mission began with you hurling your crew capsule to the surface and rushing to loot resources before oxygen ran out. How much carbon are willing you spend on mines? Will you have enough fuel to make it to the next planetoid? Some resources require your crew to discover and gather them, some require you to use your space-arms to bring them directly to orbit. Inevitably your crew will die lonely deaths in the cold of space, but you can always pick up more crew back at Earth! You Are Starship!
Bridge Trek A friend of mine confessed a crippling case of gephyrophobia (fear of bridges), so I created a VR “Bridge Simulator” where she could face her fears in a non-threatening virtual environment. She worked on Star Trek: Bridge Simulator so naming this game “Bridge Trek: Gephyrophobia Simulator” was an obvious choice. The first bridge is only a foot off the ground and surrounded by pillows. Each bridge is increasingly more intimidating; rope bridges, bridges that cross fish-filled water, bridges made of glass. At the end, you realize you’re on a floating sky-island and the only way off is a hundred foot long swinging bridge with no railing. Gephyrophobic or not, it’s pretty intimidating. All the art is from the UE4 Marketplace.
Petting Simulator Bungie’s 2016 Carnival gave me an opportunity to build my first VR game in Unreal 4. Our petting simulator allowed you to play with a robotic puppy. You could throw it bones, tease it with a laser pointer and give it sweet sweet rubs. The most adorable part was when you picked up the robodog and put it to your face a little pink tongue would lick your face. It was really surprising how emotionally engaged you could become with a twice-fake puppy. I did a bunch of AI behavior work, made some puppy toys, and created the game’s 3D UI.
Ritual Of Masks The Global Game Jam’s 2016 theme was “Ritual”. In the Ritual of Masks, your villagers don animal masks and gain their powers. Slip into the dog mask and sprint on your hands and knees. Balance the deer mask on your head and prance up the steepest mountains. Nestle yourself in the bird mask to flap your arms and lift into the sky. The animations in this game are hilariously absurd, it’s like all the silly animal gestures you made in kindergarten could actually work. I gave the team creative direction and project management, as well as designing all the movement abilities and gameplay challenges. We built it in Unreal over a single weekend.
Kissing Science People should be better at kissing, but it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and not learn anything. Kissing Science takes all the passion and excitement out of kissing and exposes you to the raw hard numbers of love making. Built in Unity, this game features no graphics, no sound, and a whole lot of levers and dials for you to adjust on your way to osculatory mastery!

Student Video Games:

My school’s source control went down, and broke most of these links. Much of the code is probably lost forever. But you can still find nightly drops of some of these projects in my subversion.

BattleBallz A 3D third person shooter written for windows in C++. Uses OpenGL and TNL. Created for CMPS 115 at UCSC. BattleBallz featured procedurally generated terrain, a season-long ranking system, 3D graphics, and networked multiplayer. In addition to my programming duties I was project leader (which means I bought everyone pizza when we made a milestone) and gameplay lead (which means I complained the most about how the rocket launcher should work).
SappyLand A “Cray-shaded” action RPG/platformer made with Game Maker for CMPS 80k at UCSC. You can find other games from the class here.
Populution A culture simulator written in C++ using OpenGL. XML files are loaded as culture definitions, edit bitmaps to change the unit placement. It’s not that user friendly, but it’s pretty cool. Ross Yancey and I created it in about a week and a half for our Game Design Seminar taught by Jim Whitehead. Theme of the Week: Evolution. Explanation Video GamePlay.avi(Maybe One Day) How To Make a Map Video
Cybuilder The Theme Of the Week is “Discovery”, build and fight your robots and discover what all the robot body parts do! Don’t forget to bring a friend! Cybuilder is two-player only!
Cupid’s Chaotic Conundrum Evil cupid is out to destroy all the love on the planet! He wants everyone dead. Go starts some fights and take out your revenge on that other winged bastard. The Theme of the Week is “Love”.
Firehose Happy Happy Himatsu The fire station just got a new firehose! Try it out on EVERYTHING! Click here for the gm6 file. Theme of the Week is “Water”.
The Unyet A Tablet PC stylus-centric Real-Time Strategy game that used gestures to control gameplay. I think I lost my copy of the codebase… so you may never see this project… but I promise it was cool! You could select units by drawing shapes around them, and all build instructions were given via stylus gestures. Units could be given specific paths by drawing routes on the map. The game was written in C# with extensively planned UML diagrams.¬†I was in charge of input parsing, unit control, building and core architecture. I assisted on unit behavior, stroke management, and resource management.

You can access the games by other students in Jim Whiteheads Game Design Seminar at the Spring 06 dforge page.
If you’d like access to any of my source code, dig into my SVN, but keep in mind that most of of my work has been team projects, so I’m not the author of all the code there. If you’d like to submit patches to any of my projects, contact me and I’ll set you up with a SVN account.