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Logs Of My Life

I wrote for my first blog, The Oddyssey, in 1998. As far as I know, the word “blogging” hadn’t been invented yet. The Oddyssey is long gone, but I still write stuff on the interwebs:

For people who don’t have time to read blog posts, there’s twitter. I use it the most, because I don’t have time to write blog posts. ;)

The Chains of Poverty Videoblog is about the time I wore a bunch of heavy chains for about a month to raise poverty awareness.

My old Livejournal, is where I talked about feelings and religious experiences.

I’m Going To India was a sort of Travelogue for Summer 2008 when I went to India.

I went on my Motorcycle Pilgrimage To Kentucky and tweeted the adventures I had on the way. Here are the videos and pictures that I took on the trip.

I post about the process of creating Carpe Chaos comics on the Carpe Chaos Blog.