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Destiny 2

I was the Product Owner and UX Designer for all existing game design workflows. I prioritized work and defined requirements for our Tools Team, then provided feedback during iteration, and completed acceptance testing. I was the UX designer for all our memory measurement tools. My agile team was one of the first teams to integrate developers at our partner studios, and became a driver for all of Bungie’s in-sourcing processes.

When it became time to reorg the majority of our engineers to deal with our massive growth, I became a key representative of Design during the formation of our Engine Development Group. I provided input on team structure, objectives, and risks, and served as an Agile Sherpa as we transitioned to Scrum.

During it’s inception, I helped build the Technical Game Design team at Bungie, by writing the hiring process, hiring and training technical designers, communicating the team’s purpose to the company, and trailblazing our team’s role and interactions with other teams. I continue to provide craft mentorship and career development to other technical designers.

Last City Burning