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BF2142 Film

I wrote this script for a machinima production that never got off the ground. It might be a little cryptic if you haven’t played the game. It’s a first draft, and most of the characters aren’t named yet.

The Cast:
Commander: Engineer

Medic1: Assault, light armor, uses an Otus recon drone.

Other Medics: Assault, light armor, no drones.

Rambo: Assault, heavy armor, Baur.

Support 1: Support kit, heavy armor

Support 2: Support kit, light armor

Recon: Recon Kit, Lambert Carbine

Sniper: Recon Kit, Basic Sniper Rifle

Pilot: In a Gunship

I think the map should be Minsk

–Episode 1–

Medic1 meets new Commander, Colonel Engineer. Medic1 is a squad leader.

An engineer spawns in at a capture point. He runs around looking for someone. An APC rolls out.

APC: Identify yourself.

Engineer: I’m the new commander.

Medic1 gets out of the APC: Awesome. Nice to meet you, I’m Captain Medic1, Leader of Squad 1.

Medic1 (on radio): New commander is here everyone, line up at for inspection.

–Who is Medic1–

Medic1: You can get a ride to with my squad sir.

Both board APC and it drives off.

Later, Medic1 and Commander hop out at capture point.

Medic1: Squad assemble for inspection.

They all escape pod out and land in a line.

Medic1: This is Medic Samson… Medic Jones… and Medic Trent… Medic Blair.

Comm: … Wait… you’re a squad of medics…

Medic1: Yeah?

Comm: What do you do when you’re getting shot at…?

Scene switches to medic squad standing around with medic hubs. One PAC guy is shooting at them, they’re all healing each other. PAC guy reloads. Shoots more. A medic dies, they rez him. Voice over of Medic1: “Uuuh… we heal each other.”

Commander with incredulous look on his face.

Comm: Squad Two?

Recon: Lieutenant , Squad Two Leader, Sir!

Comm: Present your squad.

–Who is John Rambo–

John Rambo is first in line.

Comm: Name and Rank Soldier?

Rambo: John Rambo, General.

Everybody stands around confused for a moment.

Medic1: General?

Rambo: Yeah?

Medic1: And you’re a Colonel? (Points to Commander)

Comm: Yeah?

Medic1: Why aren’t YOU our new Commander? (asking Rambo)

Rambo: I didn’t apply for the position.

Medic1: Why not?

Rambo: Why would I want to do that? I’d have to sit around dropping supply crates all day instead of killing people.

Comm: You’d rather be on the front lines than commanding?

Rambo: Yeah. I pwn newbs.

Comm: You what?

Rambo: Pwn Newbs.

Comm: Do what to newbs?

Rambo: Pwn them.

Comm: Right…

Medic1: How did you get to be a General without being a commander.

Rambo: I pwn newbs. They’re worth tons of points. I’ve already got 7 kills and the PAC Titan hasn’t even gotten here yet.

Comm: Right… what’s you’re name again?

Rambo: John Rambo.

Comm: I’m not even gonna ask.

Comm: Name and Rank.

Sniper: Private , Sir.

Commander begins walking to the next soldier as Sniper throws down RDX.

Sniper blows up RDX, flys up. Commander looks up, then continues with business.

Comm: Name and Rank!

Support1 throws three more grenades, pulls out supply crate.

Support2 puts away supply crate and pulls out grenades.

Support1: (while 2 is throwing grenades)

Support2 pulls out crate, support1 throws grenades.

Support2: .

Comm: What are you doing?

Switch happens again.

Support1: Stat padding sir.

Comm: *sigh* This group needs work.

Recon: One more sir.

Comm: Where?

Gunship flies over.

Recon: Reindl, Sir! *points up*

Comm: Why isn’t he lined up for inspection?

Gunship hovers at end of line.

Recon: I haven’t actually seen him get out of the gunship since I got here 7 months ago. He even takes his meals in there.

Comm: Well, atleast you have a good mix in your squad, two recon, two support, a pilot, and a medic.

Recon: Actually… Rambo’s not a medic…

Comm: He isn’t?

Recon: He’s the best soldier I’ve got. He’s too busy pwning newbs to heal anyone.

Comm: (stunned)

Later, Medic1 and Recon run up to comm.

Comm: Ok, new squad assignments. I keep hearing how Rambo is a crazy killing machine, so I’m transfering him to squad 1, since they’re low on firepower. This will free up Squad 2 to be a dedicated Titan Assault team. With two recon, two support, and a pilot, you’re a perfect fit. You’ve got RDX, Resupplies and you can fly onto the Titan.

Reindl: (flying over) I’m not getting out of my gunship! I’m in the middle of a 230 point killing spree!

Comm: Does that mean I have to find him an Aircraft Service Ribbon?

—–Episode 2—-

Sniper and the UAV:

Sniper is out in a field, laying RDX and blowing himself up into the air. In the background he keeps repeating “Stupid War. Stupid Stupid War.”

Commander drives up in a FAV, Medic1 is in the back seat.

Comm: What is Private doing?

Medic1: Trying to get into the UAV. Don’t worry about it, he’s just a little peeved over what the recruiters told him.

Sniper lands nearby.

Medic1: Tell the commander why you’re so mad.

Sniper: The recuirters told me I wouldn’t be on the front lines. This is horrible! War is horrible! Killing people is horrible.

Comm: What did they tell you you’d be doing?

Sniper: Piloting a UAV.

Awkward silence.

Comm: Do you know what UAV stands for?

Sniper: Unmanned aerial vehicle.

Comm: …. and you thought you’d be flying one?

Sniper: Yes. Thats what the recruiters said.

Comm: What’s the U stand for?

Sniper: Unmanned.

Comm: Did you know what UAV stood for when they recruited you?

Sniper: Yes… what’s your point?

They stare at each other for a moment.

Commander drives off.

Now out in a field by a walker. Commander is welding on the walker

Comm: How is he so dumb… and yet so stealthy at the same time.

Sniper uncloaks and immediately knifes the commander.

Sniper: What’d you call me.

Medic1 pulls out his defib. Black screen. When credits are rolling we hear “Clear!” and the defib noise.

–Episode 3–

Medic1: Hey Rambo. Now that you’re in my squad we should get to know each other.

Rambo: Cool, lets go blow something up together.

Medic1: … I was thinking we’d just talk a bit…

Rambo: Man… your dates must be boring…

Medic1: My dates?

Rambo: Yeah, with women…

Medic1: You mean you blow things up on dates?

Rambo: Yeah. (Rambo fires off two PK Rockets randomly into the air)

Medic1: ….

Scene transition.

Medic1: So… you’re name… John Rambo… did your parents name you that?

Rambo: No. I was born John Ghandi.

Medic1: Ghandi? You mean the famous indian pacifist?

Rambo: Yeah.

Medic1: What made you want to change it.

Rambo: I found out Ghandi was a pacifist. (Shoots an explosive barrel). So I changed my name to Rambo, after the coolest man alive.

Medic1: … How did your parents feel about that…?

Rambo: They’re dead. (fires off two more rockets)

Medic1: … I won’t ask.

Later, they’re in the Titan shooting the ground guns. Medic1 gets out of the gunseat to talk to Rambo.

Medic1: Wow, this is pretty fun!

Rambo: See, I told you it was awesome. You should bring your dates to do this.

Medic1: Dates? With women?

Rambo: Yeah, chics love to blow stuff up…

Medic1: …

Rambo: See that squirrl?

Medic1: What? Where? (Gets back in his gunseat)

View changes to out of gun turret

Rambo: Over there by the tree. See it?

Medic1: What? That little white speck?

Rambo: Yeah! Check this out. (Shoots at the tree)

Rambo: Direct HIT! W0000! This is so much better than using buckshot!

Medic1: ….

— Episode 2.5 —

SomeMedic: I was looking at my med hud yesterday…

A medic throws down his med hub and looks down at it, then we see from his PoV.

The next paragraph is a voice over of the medic, as he comments on each thing in the hub, it’s highlighted in the video.

“And it occurs to me… there’s a lot of odd stuff in there… plenty of painkillers, both the pill kind (incase you get a headache on the battlefield?) and the injecting kind (I wonder how many Assault troops sell their morphine on the blackmarket in order to buy Baurs?). I think those are tongue depressors on the right (I guess Assault kits are in charge of monthly checkups as well?) and of course 3 hefty helpings of Hepatitis A medication (remember kids, wash your hands after you go to the bathroom and before eating or else you’ll have to swallow whatever is in these huge green bags). It’s hard to read in the screenshot, but in the upper left are 4-6 boxes of “PANIC” brand 20mm syringes (20mm syringes make me PANIC as well). In the center in greenish square plastic packaging I think you’ll find some disinfectant wipes (these can be helpful in preventing Hepatitis A if you clean your hands with them after going to the bathroom… but as we’ve already seen, 22nd century soldiers must neglect this practice). I’m sure you’ve noticed by this point that there’s a certain something missing from the med hub. If you haven’t guessed… bandages. Theres a very good reason for this. In the 22nd century they have something much better than bandages: at the top of the image you can see the med hubs “L.I.F.E”, I’m not sure what the acronym stands for, but I do know that this is where they store the fairies from Zelda. ” The graphic of a fairy from zelda slips out of the L.I.F.E. vent and hovers near the medkit.

–Episode 3–

Recon and Sniper are in a sniper spot. POV switches to Snipers view. He snipes a guy in the chest. Shot of Sniper calking his gun. He shoots the guy in the chest again and the guy dies.

Sniper: Oh man… I hate killing people… war sucks.

Recon: You get used to it. And you’ll get better at it.

Sniper shoots another guy (with two rounds).

Recon: No, no. Here, let me show you. You’ve got to AIM for the head.

Recon raises his Lambert Carbine and a tiny speck on the other side of the map falls down. The announcer from unreal tournament announces “HEADSHOT”

Sniper: Wow… how do you do that?

Recon: It’s easy. (shoots again, “HEADSHOT”) You’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Credits roll. Announcer says “HEADSHOT”

Scene Transition to black. “HEADSHOT” calls out a few more times”

Support guys are busy stat padding in a trench. Recon is watching them. PAC are running around in the background.

Recon: So… do you guys think you could throw your grenades in THAT direction?

Support1 with crate: Nah. Then the enemy would know we were here, and they’d come interrupt our stat padding. (Support guys switch)

Support2, now with crate: How do you expect us to get promoted?

Recon: What if I throw grenades.

Close shot of Recon throwing some grenades. Recon ducks back into the trench. A tank and three PAC start driving over. Both support guys pull out their supply crates.

Recon: … you guys aren’t gonna help me fight them off are you?

*sound of ammo reloading*

Scene fades to black. “HEADSHOT” calls out 3 times. Pause. Explosion noise.

Support1: He used his RDX, lets go resupply him.

–Episode 4–

Rambo and Medic1 are on the ground.

Medic1: Ok, look Rambo, I realize you’d prefer to shoot things, but sometime it might be important for you to know how to use the defibulator.

Rambo: The what?

Medic1: The defibulator?

Rambo: What?

Medic1 pulls out his defibulator.

Medic1: This thing!

Rambo: Oh… I didn’t get that unlock. (Shoots a barrel with his shot gun, then launches a PK missle).

Medic1: Fine, you can use my spare… (runs off to get his spare)

Scene transition.

Now both are holding a defib.

Rambo: I still don’t understand how this will help me if I see a PAC soldier.

Medic1: It will help you to ressurect your teammates and they can help you shoot the PAC soldier.

Rambo: Why don’t I just shoot the PAC soldier myself?

Medic1: argh…. Ok look. All you have to do is run up to someone on the ground, press the defibulator into their chest and press the discharge button. It’s the 22nd century, they make these things REAL easy to use. (A PAC soldier jumps out of a ditch in the background and hides behind a crate)

Rambo: I still don’t get how this is supposed to help me kill PAC soldiers?.

Medic1: Look, I’m sure you’ll understand once you try it out.

Rambo: …

PAC soldier in the background snipes Medic1. Rambo jumps behind a building. View switches to rambo’s view, holding defib. He looks around the corner at the PAC guy. He looks at Medic1 at his feet. He looks back at the PAC sniper. PAC sniper shoots him.

Rambo: Ah! Jerk!

Rambo turns and runs around building. View switches to watch Rambo run all the way around the building and sneak up behind the PAC sniper who is laying down. He defibs the PAC sniper from behind. He runs over to Medic1.

Rambo: You were right, I understand now that I’ve seen it in action.

Rambo turns to off camera and yells “MEDIC!” A Medic runs up and defibs Medic1.

Rambo: What are you doing?

Medic1 (getting up slowly): He’s saving my life…

Rambo: That’s not why I called you over here dude… (Rambo calls again “MEDIC”)

Rambo: Do you not see this bullet wound on my arm?

Medic1: … Why don’t you just heal yourself?

Rambo: Heal myself? What am I? Jesus? What am I supposed to use to heal myself with?

Medic1: Your med hub?

Rambo: My what?

Medic1 pulls out his med hub: This thing!

Rambo: Oh… sold that…

Medic1: You sold your government issue med hub?

Rambo: Yeah, you’ve no idea how much those things sell for on the black market. How else do you think I could afford the water-cooling system for my Baur?

Medic1: ….

OtherMedic: Come on Captain, do you think he’d heal himself when he called me over to defib you?

Rambo: I didn’t call you over to revive him, I called you over to heal me!

Medic1: Why didn’t you just revive me yourself Rambo? I could have healed you.

Rambo: There you go with the miracles again! How am I supposed to revive you?


Rambo moves, pauses for a second, then crosses over to OtherMedic and defibs him.

Medic1: No! Not when he’s alive!

Medic1 defibs OtherMedic back to life.

Rambo: Oh… let me try again…

Rambo Defibs OtherMedic, Medic1 Revives him. Rambo does it again. OtherMedic screams a bunch.

Medic1: Stop it!

Medic1 revives OtherMedic and his defib overheats.

Rambo: Don’t worry, I’ve figured it out now. I can just revive him if I do it again. I’m not that dumb.

Rambo defibs OtherMedic. Rambo’s defib overheats.

Rambo: Wait? What’s that noise mean?

Medic1: … It means OtherMedic is going to die…

Fade to black.

Over credits, Recon: So how’d you get the defibulator to discharge 4 times in a row without overheating?

Over credits, Rambo: Black market water-cooling system.

–Episode 5–

I should find a way to establish that a huge PAC assault has started and they’ve gotten pushed back to their last capture point

Commander and Medic Squad are in a bunker, getting shot at and bombed.

Comm (shooting his Pilum out the door): It’s a mess out there! Where’s Rambo! I need help!

Medic1 (on radio): Rambo! Where are you! Rambo! We need your help!

Scene transition.

Rambo is running way out of the battle, he’s almost out of bounds behind a hill.

Scene Transition

Medic1: I can’t get him on the radio sir! I dunno how long my squad is going to be able to keep healing you, we’re almost out of bandages.

Comm: We can’t give up now, this is our last foothold, we’re about to be overrun! Rambo better show up, or we’re all dead! (Commander is throwing motion mines)

Scene transition.

Rambo runs up behind enemy lines and pulls out his defibulator. He proceeds to defib everyone on the enemy team from behind. He’s so cool. He runs up behind an enemy sniper who yells “MEDIC!”. Rambo pauses for a second behind the sniper. He pulls out his knife and knifes the sniper.

Rambo: Sweet. Dogtags.

Rambo defibs another guy or two. Then he runs up behind the tank which is right in front of the bunker the other guys are in. He sits and looks at the tank for a minute. Then he defibs the tank. The tank explodes.


Rambo runs inside the bunker and finds Medic1.

Rambo: Medic1! This thing is amazing!

Medic1: Why? We ran out of bandages. Did you use to to revive the commander?

Shot of the commander on the ground.

Comm: (weakly) No…

Rambo: No! I used to to kill a tank!

Medic1: … Sure you did…

Medic1 goes to revive Commander.

Medic1: Defib’s can’t kill tanks. You probably just discharged it on the tank at the same time the Commanders motion mines went off. The commander probably got the kill.

Rambo: aww… darn… that’s disappointing…

–Episode 6–

Medic1 is watching Commander use his repair tool on a walker.

Medic1: Why do you keep working on that walker? What’s wrong with it.

Comm: Nothing wrong with it, I’m replacing the drivers seat.

Medic1: With what?

Comm: A computer.

Medic1: Why?

Comm: Computers are more reliable… and they always follow orders…

Scene transition to later.

Comm: There. I’m finnally done.

Walker stands up (like when someone gets inside it).

Walker (Robotic Voice): Power on self test. Checking memory. Memory Ok. Checking guns. (Walker fires). Checking Missiles (missles fire). Checking turret… (walker keeps talking in the background).

Medic1: Wow that’s impressive. Where did you get the computer from?

Comm: Some oversea’s company. It was real cheap. Probably made in some chinese labor camp.

Medic1: … Wasn’t China one of the founding members of the Pacific Asian Coalition?

Comm: Yeah? Why?

Medic1: Doesn’t that mean the computer is on the enemie’s side?

Walker: Checking Target aquisition system. Two targets found. All Systems Ok. Switching to operational status.

Medic1: Uh-oh.

Comm: … Maybe I should have bought domestic…

Walker starts shooting, Medic1 and Comm run away.

Scene transition.

The base is in disarray, the walker is shooting everything and everyone. Commander shoots his pilum a few times while running between trees, the walker activates it’s active defense and nothing happens.

Comm: It’s too fast!

Walker chases them some more (need more development, this could be a few scenes of comedy)

Pilot shoots at the walker a whole bunch, probably damages it, but then the walker turret shoots him down. He bails out at the last second and we see him parachuting in the distance.

Mixed into the action are a bunch of shots of Rambo charging/chasing the walker. He fires all his rockets (empty clip sound), shoots his gun, throws all his grenades, shoots his gun some more and runs out of ammo (empty clip sound), gets close, shoots his shotgun, then retreats for ammo. He runs really far to get to Support1 and Support2 who are stat padding. The walker follows him, shooting all the way. The walker fires a round or two and then runs out of ammo. Everyone pauses for a second while Rambo is reloading. They stare at each other.

Rambo: Hmm… he’s out of Ammo…

They stare at each other some more, then the walker looks around and then takes a few steps forward and crushes Support2. Rambo and Support1 scatter. The walker chases them. In the background we see a medic revive Support2.

Scene transition.

Recon and Sniper have set up a trap, there is RDX all over the ground near their bunker. They’re both laying down in the bunker hiding.

Recon: Ok, now stand up and get the walkers attention.

Sniper: Me? This was your plan!

Recon: Just do it!

Sniper stands up, walker is a little ways away and doesn’t notice.

Sniper: Now what?

Recon: Get it’s attention. Get it to come over here.

Sniper looks around then shoots the walker with his sniper rifle. The walker turns immediately and starts running towards him.

Sniper: Why isn’t it shooting at us?

Recon: I dunno… maybe it’s out of ammo?

They crouch and look over the railing at the walker. It walks up to their field of explosives and looks down at the RDX then cautiously walks into the ambush. They duck.

Recon: Wait for it… wait for it… NOW.

Both detinate their RDX, there’s a big explosion. They both wait.

Recon: See if it’s there.

Sniper: You see if it’s there, I’m the one who got it to come over here.

Recon: Fine.

Recon crouches and looks over the edge.

Recon: I don’t see it…

Recon ducks back down again.

Recon: Do you think we killed it?

Next shot is a shot of the walker standing real close up to the bunker, hiding.

Sniper: Check again.

Recon crouches again and looks over the railing, this time the shot is from the ground and we can see the walker crouch when recon looks over the rail.

Recon: I don’t see it… I think we’re good… We should get out of the bunker and look for wreckage.

Sniper: What if it’s still out there?

Recon: … We should get more explosives before we leave the bunker. *on radio* Commander, we think we took out the walker, but we need more explosives to make sure. Can you send a supply crate?

Comm, over radio: Are you sure it’s clear? Rambo says that thing is out of ammo, and I want to keep it that way.

Recon crouches again and peeks over the railing, the walker crouches again.

Recon, over radio: Yeah it’s clear.

A supply crate drops down to them. Just then the walker jumps out and starts trying to get into the bunker. Sniper and recon start screaming and running away.

Sniper: Oh God! I don’t want to die, save me Lord!

Recon: Oh shoot, Oh shoot, Oh SHOOT. Oh SHOOOOOOT!

Scene transition.

Sniper is looking through his scope at the walker, which is patrolling around the bunker.

Sniper: What’s it doing?

Comm: Guarding the supply crate?

Rambo shoots all his ammo off (in the same manner as the last time he does it.) When he gets up close, he fires off his shotgun, then his pistol… Now he’s under it’s feet. He pulls out his defib, almost on accident. He looks at the defib, then the walker. Back at the defib, then the walker. He defibs it in the vents, it explodes.

Shot of commander looking down from a hill.

Medic1: Huh… how about that?

Comm: Wow.

Rambo, over radio: All clear! (Or maybe “Area Secure!”)

Medic1: Do you think everyone is ok?

Comm: Pilot got shot down… he might not have made it.

A transport swoops down and lands in front of them.

Pilot: I’m all good, takes a good bit more AA fire than that to take me down. You guys want a ride back to the Titan?

–Episode 7–

Sniper: I’m surprised the computerized walker knew how to capture flag points.

Recon: Yeah. Atleast this is the last one, we’re almost done recapturing them all.

Sniper: Say… I was thinking… why does the flag go up all by itself?

Recon: In 2125 they replaced the manual flag ropes with automatic raisers.

Sniper: Why?

Recon: Do you want to put down your gun and raise the flag while the enemy is shooting at you? This way we can worry about defending ourselves instead of raising a flap of fabric up into the air.

Sniper: Oh… that makes sense… (pause) Why do we have to spend so much energy raising a flap of fabric in the air again?

Recon: …. (pause)… We just do…

Sniper: So how does the automatic flag raiser know which flag to use? Cause when the PAC come stand here, their flag goes up, and ours comes down.

Recon: It’s remote controlled. Taps into our radio signals.

Sniper: … if it’s remote controlled… why do we have to stand here?

Recon: Duh! So it knows which flag to raise!

Sniper: No, I mean, why can’t we stand over there (view zooms to a door on a building) behind that locked door. We could defend the flag from there… and we wouldn’t have to worry about not putting down our guns when the enemy is shooting at us… we wouldn’t even have to pick UP our guns… because we’d be behind a locked door… not getting shot at…

Recon: … good idea.

Scene transition, later.

Sniper walks by, an engineer is useing his repair tool on the door lock.

Sniper pauses.

Sniper: Are you new here?

Recon: It’s me, Recon.

Sniper: What are you doing?

Recon: I’m trying to get inside this building so we can defend the flag from inside.

Sniper: Great idea! Are you trying to get the lock open with the repair tool?

Recon: Something like that…

Sniper: Where did you get the repair tool?

Recon: I stole it from the Commander. Don’t tell anyone…

Sniper: … that makes sense…

Pause for a minute as Recon keeps working.

Sniper: … But why did you steal the Commanders uniform too…

Recon stops working and looks at sniper for a while.

Recon: It’s complicated. Don’t tell anyone.

Scene transition.

Later. Sniper coems up again.

Sniper: Hows it going?

Recon: I’m about to give up.

Sniper: Why. Lemme see the lock.

Switch to a view of the lock. It has bullet hole decals on it.

Sniper: Those look like bullet holes… did the repair tool do that?

Recon: No… the repair tool was plan B… plan A was shooting the lock with my Carbine…

Sniper: …

Recon: It works in the movies…

Fade to black.

Medic1 is driving along the ground in an FAV. The Titan hovers over and shoots down in front of Medic1, he dives out of the car and it explodes.

Medic1 (on radio): HOLD FIRE! HOLD FIRE! I’M A FRIENDLY!

Shot of the titan with commander’s irrtated voice on the radio: Where are my clothes!

Fade to black.


PAC are swarming around the capture point, about to take it. One of them gets headshotted (the headshot announcer calls each one out). another. They all look around for the shooter, talking in russian. They can’t find him. Another dies. Eventually there is only one left. He runs up to the locked door from the previous episode for cover, he looks around (we see his POV?). There is no one in sight, but he gets headshotted anyway. Later Sniper comes up to the building.

Sniper: Oh Gosh! The gore… what a horrible mess… what happened here?

Recon (from off canera): PAC attacked. I took them out.

Sniper looks around for Recon.

Sniper: Uuhh.. were are you?

Recon: I’m right here.

Sniper: Are you wearing your active cammo?

Recon: No. I’m right here in the building.

Sniper: In the building? You mean behind the locked door?

Recon: Yeah *a shot rings out near sniper* Dang it! Get down!

There’s an enemy sniper on a bunker far far away, Recon headshots the sniper.

Sniper: How do you do that?

Recon: Skill. You’ll learn one day too.

Sniper: Hey, can you get me in there too?

Recon: To tell the truth… I’m not even sure how _I_ got in here… but I’m kinda hungry…. I’ve been in here since last night…

Sniper: And you haven’t eaten this whole time?

Recon: No, the door is locked!

Fade to Black.

Later Recon gets out for food, but then gets banned by punkbuster for AIMBotting and Wallhacking. Sniper cries over Recon’s grave (which sniper setup, even though they didn’t have the body).

Comm looks for a new Squad 2 leader. He looks at sniper, who crouches and looks up “Oh God, please, please, don’t make me be the one who decides who we have to kill!”. Then he looks at the stat padders. Next he looks up at the Transport that zooms over. Then he looks at Rambo.

Rambo: “Oh heck no.”

A new guy gets transfered to the team. He’s a sniper with a Zeller, and the new squad leader for squad 2. He never stops moving for fear of being shot by a sniper. He’s always running around and not holding still, even during troop inspections.

–New Gunship–

Comm is on Titan, he calls Pilot on the radio.

Comm: Pilot, the new Gunship is here, all you have to do is pick it up at the Titan.

Pilot, over radio: Sweeet!

Otherguy: Are you still mad he blew up the last Gunship?

Comm: Nah, I’m kinda excited. I finnally get to meet Pilot face-to-face.

Comm: Here he comes.

A transport flies in between the parked transport and the new gunship. It squeezes in between the two and lands. Pilot switches to one of the right back seats and from there hops into the gunship, so we don’t get to see him. Alternatively this can be shot with another person filling into for pilot, we can just hide the first person in the back left part of the transport off camera. The gunship flies off. We never see pilot. Next shot is one of commander being disappointed.

Comm orders Sniper to destroy a tank. Sniper sneaks up behind the tank, crawls underneight and sticks RDX on it above him. The tank drives forward. Sniper cloaks and sneaks around to the front of the tank.

Sniper: I really don’t want to have to kill you. Could you please get out of the tank so I can follow my commanders orders to blow it up?

The tank shoots at him, he cloaks and runs into a building. The tank looks around for him.

Sniper: Oh God… forgive me…

Sniper blows them up. Then talks about how horrible war is and how much it sucks.

Later Sniper and pilot are talking, pilot asks about the UAV, and offers his gunner seat to Sniper. Sniper tries it out, loves the turret, because he doesn’t have to see the people he’s killing. An engineer shoots at the gunship, pilot tells sniper to use the TV missiles, Shot of the missile flying up to the engineer’s face. Sniper is penetant.