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RoboBlitz – PC, Xbox 360 Arcade


A physics based adventure/shooter. I did programming in Unrealscript and C++. I extended the User Interface, worked with PhysX physics joints, tracked down and fixed bugs, and designed and implemented bonus features. I was a community manager on both the official forums and Steam forums. I was in charge of documenting the RoboBlitz Editor (based on the UE3 editor) on the official wiki.

Tech: Unreal Engine 3, Ageia PhysX/Novodex.


I also worked on an unreleased multiplayer expansion for RoboBlitz. Gameplay was focused around unique physics based weapons and fast paced teamwork. I programmed new weapon features, UI improvements, and fixed bugs. I worked on weapon balance, weapon implementation, and level layout. I did extensive cleanup and optimization work in both Kismet and BSP. All gameplay related tasks were completed, but the expansion was canned for financial reasons.

Tech: Unreal Engine 3, Unreal Editor 3, Ageia PhysX.