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HoloLens 2

I innovate, implement, and invigorate for the Hololens 2 Shell team.

My team does UX R&D for the common controls and OS user experience. I build prototypes in Unity and I’m one of the official maintainers of the Mixed Reality Toolkit, a middleware solution for VR/AR/MR developers both in and outside of Microsoft.

As part of Microsoft’s 1st Party == 3rd Party vision, I do a lot of work as an “API Designer” that constantly thinks about the developer user experience. When it comes to middleware and platforms, the API is our User Interface.

I play a major role in the development of the Hololens Out Of Box Experience and tutorial. As the only 3D designer on the team, I am the local Unity expert and glue that holds our disciplines together.

My team was responsible for the UX controls showcased at the HoloLens 2 announce event:

You can see more of my work with AR UX in MRTK in this playlist that demonstrates the solver system.

I also built multiple prototypes of AR interactions. Some of these included a swipe based text input method:

I also did a bunch of silly life-sized dinosaur things:

But in the end, the game designer in me couldn’t help but make silly things too: