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About Me

Eric Carter

Game Developer * Comic Author * Theologian * Creative Madman * Traveler * Journeyman Monk

I am an engineer, a scholar, and a storyteller.

I value truth, freedom, and integrity.

I’m a computer nerd, a gamer, and a former boy scout. I am only mildly more pleased about this new WordPress website than I was with my previous HTML site, which I coded in vi. But if I did it again, it would run Drupal. Occasionally I look at billboards and can name the font they used. My favorite font is Nyala.

Here are some of my goals in life:
Mentor other designers and engineers, improving not just their skills, but the craft of software development as a whole
Use video games or comics to leave a lasting interest in virtue and truth on the minds of my audience
Enter old age as a man who has been daily shaped by scripture and the study of God.

I’m an ESTJ, but I usually score very low on the extrovert scale. I also always come in 100% Thinker.

Online I go by “Ecnassianer” which means a backwards rebirth into childhood and innocence.

And an handy third person bio in case you’ve invited me to speak somewhere:

Eric Carter is a game designer on a virtual reality adventure. He’s fascinated by our conscious mind’s ability to interpret meaning and narrative, our instinctual mind’s ability to respond to stimulus with motion sickness, and our subconscious mind’s ability to mediate between the two. After over 10 years working on everything from the smallest indie games to massive AAA games like Destiny, he understands both the practical techniques of game development as well as the abstract philosophy of how humans experience the emotional space of games. Since then he’s contributed to therapeutic VR, Fortune 500 enterprise training simulators, the launch of HoloLens 2, and Facebook’s social VR metaverse.